In the old fairy tale, Cinderella may have needed a pumpkin and a little magic to show up in style, but now we are able to recreate these magical moments – your very own modern day fairy godmother in the form of a horse and carriage.

When it comes to fairy tale weddings, there are few things in life that compare to a traditional horse drawn carriage. No matter where you go, a wedding coach is bound to draw the eye of every single passer-by, ensuring that the bridal couple get all the attention they deserve on the biggest day in their lives.

We have a variety of carriages and carts available (See gallery for pictures) as well as various combinations of horses. This remains one of the most treasured and memorable days of any person’s life, so we are fastidiously determined to make it a day to remember.



We are able to bring up to 7 carriages and carts to any venue within the greater Cape Town Area. We can pick up the Bride and Groom and give them the ride to make many memories – stop for photos – wait outside the church and, if logistically practical, take the happy couple to the venue.



It is by far the most popular carriages for weddings. This four wheeled carriage seats the driver + helper up front and has seating for up to 6 people in the Pumpkin itself. There is an additional seat at the back of the carriage for 2 extra people (bridesmaids, family, groomsmen). The carriage is all white.


There are three choices of horses – 2 Magnificent Big White Percherons, 2 Black Friesians, 4 White Perchies or a black/white 4 combo.



What a lovely different take on a wedding cart – a traditional two wheel cart in the true Cape tradition. Both carts covered in stunning red leather, The Cape Cart has a canopy.



The carriage will fetch you and your Father (or designated escort) from a pre-determined point/venue. There will be plenty of time for photographs before departure. It is sometimes a stunning addition to include a ride for the bridesmaids – and of course for the photography! The romance and traditional charm experienced from traveling through the streets is unsurpassed. We can time the journey to arrive at the church either just on time or traditionally 5 minutes late.


The carriage waits for you and your new husband until after the service. Again, your guests will be delighted by the wonderful ambiance created by the carriage and horses and we assure you a photo fest will ensure as you and your husband start your life together by trotting down the street on your way to the reception.


A note on Traveling Time:

The traveling speed of the carriage is approximately 5 minutes per KM – important to remember for photographers and stops along the way. If therefore, you travel at a relaxed pace, enjoying your incredible moment, you must allow at least 1 hour for every 10km. Keep these travel distances in mind when choosing your different venues. REMEMBER – photos take time!



Because of the varied availability of trucks and trailers, we can literally set up anywhere – with obvious cost implications, the further out of the Cape Town area. Distance and location are therefore not limiting factors.


Come and view your carriage or cart – and meet your horse!

It is advisable to view your carriage or cart choice prior to the wedding – it also gives you a good idea of colour, type and of horse choice.


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