In the outlying districts of the Western Cape as well as within the old suburbs of Cape Town there exist members of the community that have a long association with carts, carriages and horses. During years gone by it was their sole source of income and has been part of their livelihood over centuries. From coal carts to milk rounds, rubbish removal to scrap dealers, they have always been a face of Cape Town.

It was this wonderful pool of cart and carriage driver with their extensive love for the horse and cart that prompted the establishment of HORSE TAXIS and HORSE AND CART Weddings, Matric Dances and Events.

At the forefront of the business is the intrinsic love for horses and the old traditional, non-motorised transport – a reminder and nostalgic peep into days gone by.

Hopefully their love for the Horse and Cart will permeate into your wonderful experience of Cape Town and its greater surrounds.

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